Well repair and completion treating compounds

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Calcium chloride, 94-97% Components for making heavy process liquids without a solid phase with density 1,35─1,60 g/cm3.

Main purpose of heavy liquids:

·         Additional revelation of producing horizon (punching liquids);

·         Completion and well-killing with pressures in producing layers that are higher than hydrostatical pressure in order to prevent colmation of the producing layer.

Calcium chloride, pellets 97%
Calcium bromide 96%
Calcium bromide brine 52%
Sodium bromide 99%
Sodium bromide 98%
Sodium bromide brine 45%
Sodium formate 98%
Potassium formate 96%
Potassium formate brine 74%
Zinc bromide brine 72%
Zinc chloride 98%
DCS-ZAN XC Xanthan gum
DCS-ZAN XCD Xanthan gum, highly refined
DCS Loss Circulation Material Bridging material
Corrosion inhibitor
DCS Corrosion Inhibitors ammonio Ammonium compounds-based corrosion inhibitor
DCS Corrosion Inhibitors pyridine Pyridine-based corrosion inhibitor for oilfield equipment
DCS Corrosion Inhibitors imidazoline Imidazoline corrosion inhibitor