DCS Polymer thickener/Viscosifier Polymer powder viscosifying agent at formation fracturing.
DCS Polymer additive Polymer additive, used together with polymer powder viscosifying agent.
DCS Temporay Blocking Agent (for Acid Fracture) Material for temporary blocking of lost circulation horizon (at acid fracturing).
Stabilizers and inhibitors
DCS Shale Control Clay shale stabilizer.
DCS iron control An additive at hydraulic fracturing of formation.
DCS Multi-Functional Additive Multifunctional additive at acid fracturing.
DCS Corrosion Inhibitors ammonio Ammonium compounds-based corrosion inhibitor.
DCS Corrosion Inhibitors pyridine Pyridine-based corrosion inhibitor of oilfield equipment.
DCS Corrosion Inhibitors imidazoline Imidazoline corrosion inhibitor.
DCS organoboron crosslinke Organoboron crosslinker.
DCS Friction Reducer Friction reducer at hydraulic formation fracturing.