Viscosifiers and fluid loss reducing agents
DCS PAC H Unfluxed polyanionic cellulose – fluid loss reducing agent, rheology regulator.
DCS PАC L Low-viscosity polyanionic cellulose, fluid loss reducing agent.
DCS PAC R High-viscosity polyanionic cellulose, rheology regulator.
Polyacrylonitrile ammonium (dry)  NH4-HPAN Amine salt NH4-HPAN, fluid loss reducing agent.
DCS-ZAN XC Xanthum gum.
DCS-ZAN XCD Xanthum gum, highly refined.
DCS Loss Circulation Material Bridging material.
Treating compounds for regulation of drill fluids pH
Sodium hydroxide 99%, granulated Use: to regulate pH of a fluid, to dissolve lignite, Lignox and tannin, for corrosion contralateral force.
Ash of soda Mainly is used to lower down filtrate hardness (ionic bonding Ca++ and Mg++), and also to raise the pH of a drill fluid.
Calcined magnesia 98% Buffer for рН.
Potassium hydrate Is used to raise рН of potassic drill fluids.
Anhydritic citric acid To lower down alkalinity, to neutralize cement pollution, to deposit dissolved calcium and for iron ionic bonding.
DCS-DEFOAM A spirit-based defoamant (weak in highly-mineralized systems).
DCS-DEFOAM S A digest of high molecular weight silicon, used as a defoamant of general assignment for drill fluids, including highly-mineralized systems.
DCS LUBE R Lubricant (а watersoluble dispergatable in water lubricating additive, is used to lower down friction and torque coefficients in all types of water-based brimes.)
DCS LUBE F Lubricant (a digest of compound ethers of natural fatty acids. An effective lubricant for the most of water-based drill fluids.)
Gluteraldehyde 50% brine  A microbiocide with a wide spectrum of activity against bacteria, algae and fungi.
DCS Cide A biocide, an alternative to gluteraldehyde.
THPS (Phosphonium sulphate tetrakis (oxymethyl) 75% brine Watersoluable bactericide.
DCS-MS 2-Butoxyethanol glycol, resolvent
Asphaltum sulphate Asphaltum sulphate – clay shales inhibitor at high pressures at well bore and at high temperatures.
Zinc carbonate Hydrogen disulphide scavenger.